Investing in jewellery is something very delicate and buying is not always that easy. Here a simple list of points to always keep in mind when buying jewellery. 8 tips you need to know the do’s and dont’s of jewellery shopping.

1. Focus on what you are looking for: What and why ask your self what do you really want and need.
2. If the jewelry you are buying includes diamonds you need to get a certificate that ensures the quality of the 4C’s.
4. Make sure you are spending appropriate money doing some research checking Gems prices in the market.
5. Do some background research, Don’t just nod to the jargons of the Industry, but comprehend them.
6. Pay only for the genuine and not the extras.
If the jewel you are buying contains precious or semi- precious gemstones beside diamonds. Make sure the total weight of the stones is reduced from the gross weight of the jewelry.
7. Double check the refund/exchange policy keep the door open to exchanging in the future.
8. Maintaining your Jewellery new and well – polished is very important to ensure a long life.