A Sustainable Glow at the Istanbul Jewelry Show

The damages lead by global climate change reminds us of the requirement of protecting the nature. Several international organizations are now bringing the theme of “sustainability” to the agenda by preferring the environmentfriendly products. Istanbul Jewelry Show organized by Informa Markets aims at forming a public opinion regarding sustainability and providing support to the solution of challenges in the jewelry sector.

Istanbul Jewelry Show bases its sustainability work on 3 fundamental points: helping the jewelry sector by inspiring sustainable development, making the fair more environmentally sensitive every single day, and organizing the fair by fulfilling social responsibilities. The fair provides support to the designers, workshops, vocational high schools, and universities with a view to underscoring the importance of sustainable development.
Several environmentally sensitive works draw attention to the significance of the topic in the fair. In terms of reducing carbon emissions, during the event, details come to fore like reducing the number of printed materials, recycling of name badges and fair carpets, electricity saving by using LED technology, holding visitor queries online with the help of a tablet with a view to reducing the use of papers, and ensuring the transfer of participants and visitors to the fair venue via mass transportation to minimize CO2 emissions.
98 tons of wastes were collected in the recently held fair of October 2022 and were readied for recycling.

The use of plastics in the beverage-catering sections at the exhibition space was minimized and was transferred to the reusable products. The food not used during the fair was sorted out to be donated to animal shelters. Istanbul Jewelry Show gains Strength from Renewable Energy! The Fair focuses on transitioning into the use of renewable electricity by 2022 and contributes to bringing carbon footprint of Informa Markets to Net Zero. The Fair leaves an indelible impression by means of its contributions not only to the sector that it organizes but also to the region.

A collaboration is being held with the domestic catering companies, and visitors and participants are offered accommodation options nearby the exhibition area, and this does not only contribute input to regional economy but also to reducing the transportation duration and supporting the participants and visitors in reducing carbon footprints. The Fair shares the results of entire works on sustainability throughout the year and raises sustainability awareness of the event participants and visitors.

TheFair will be held at Istanbul Exhibition Center on 16-19 Match 2023 and raises its responsibilities on sustainability every single year and continues to provide information flow to the sector regarding a sustainable ecosystem.