Alessandra Vitali, the magics of transforming industrial materials into jewelry

Alessandra Vitali’s story is one of courage and desire to put herself to the test, allowing herself to transform a hobby into a real
business. Alessandra worked as a graphic designer, dabbling in her free time in the creation and building of jewels for herself,
drawing inspiration from the American style. Then, as it usually happens in the era of social media, a few photos posted on
Facebook attracted magazines, stores and shows.
The distinctive nature of Alessandra’s creations is certainly the material she used. »Initially I used to create jewelry merely with

paper – she explains. Then, I started becoming fond of industrial material: from rubber, to neoprene, from tap hoses to thermo-
hydraulic nuts. I like to change the destination use of objects. Every time I see an unusual material for a jewel, I immediately ask

myself: what could it be turned into?»
Being different in a playful way, without ever taking things too seriously. This is Alessandra’s mantra when creating her jewels:
«I like to dare using strange materials and shapes, I like to create “something different”, even if I am aware of the fact that I
might be addressing just a very small market niche».

Each creation requires several days of planning and working. Alessandra is a perfectionist and wants design and wearability to
go hand in hand: “we often see jewels that are too uncomfortable. Before I can consider one of my creations finalized, I must
wear it for several days in order to test it. Each piece is unique and can change even 10 times while being worked».
She is now working on a line of necklaces proceeding from some vintage Murano chandeliers that will be exhibited in London.
However, her dearest piece is the one presented at the “Fuchsia inspiration” contest launched in 2016 by Jewelry Virtual Fair,
the social network dedicated to jewelry professionals: «it took me about fifteen days to create it. It all started with some sweet
holders I had at home. As it always happens, I asked myself: what could they be turned into? I therefore started coloring them, I
inserted a crystal inside and that is how a necklace with 280 petals of tulle was born».