September is the month of the debut of the new issue of Vicenza Jewellery

The magazine presents an even more contemporary graphic style, with updated graphics to give value to companies, with the tale of the most fascinating stories in the world of gold and silver. In its new version, Vicenza Jewellery presents to its readers contents dedicated to the fashion jewel trends, to the gold tradition and the […]

The 64th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair – A Successful Edition

The 64th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair was a great success for buyers, visitors, and exhibitors with five days of bustling trading atmosphere that demonstrated the potential of Thai businesses, manufacturers, and designers in crafting high-quality gem and jewelry products that are recognized worldwide, which has driven Thailand to become one of the world’s gems […]

Scuola d’Arte e Mestieri, forge of new talents in the goldsmith art

The students of the Vicenza Institute created three exclusive jewels for Fair Line Forming new professionals in the goldsmith art. This is the mission of Scuola d’Arte e Mestieri in Vicenza, part of Fondazione centro Produttività Veneto (CPV), that along with its training courses also organizes biennial courses for young students who graduate from secondary […]

New Gold Dream

Gold is at the center of one of the most representative albums of Simple Minds. The songs, the videos, 
the history enclose some very interesting hints. Epic fantasies, anthems of hope, songs to celebrate life and, most of all, lots and lots of gold. Five years of studio rehearsing were necessary for Scottish Simple Minds […]

Things You Can Find Only at the 64th Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair!

The Niche Showcase: A showcase of unique jewelry of emerging themes which are the target markets that have high growth potential in global markets, including 5 groups namely; High Jewelry: Rare jewelry pieces reflecting Thai delicacy i.e. The Replica of the Royal Barge by Beauty Gems. Heritage & Craftsmanship: Jewelry with an emphasis on culture […]

Ethical: a production chain must be overseen


Representing the interests of the jewelry industry, Cibjo –World Jewellery Confederation, the most ancient international organization for this field. The Italian Gemological Institute adheres as well. The world of precious stones can rely today on important organizations that represent a balancing element in the complex dynamics connected to this sector, which is often in the […]

Diamonds, pearls and precious stones: a market on the rise

diamanti e perle pietre preziose

The world trade of rubies, sapphires and emeralds has gone from 1 billion USD of 2003 to 7 USD dollars of 2016. And diamonds: young people are revolutionizing the trend. Gold, the metal representing luxury and power in the whole world, has given up its position of absolute hegemony on the market to give a […]

E-commerce in jewellery, opportunities not to overlook

e commerce gioielli

Federpreziosi has investigated the relationship between gold retailers and digital evolution. Numbers are decisively on the rise: Federorafi and Federpreziosi’s comments. The starting point: in Italy there are over 15 thousand jewellery stores. The decisive question: how much are these stores related to or do they interact with the web world? A whole lot! According […]

Gems and devotion

pala d'oro a venezia

Precious stones are used not only as ornament, but also as tools of devotion towards the mighty. Some of the most impressive cases in Italy. Used to enhance the beauty of those who wear them and being a sign of power and greatness, precious stones have also been used to symbolize the devotion and reverence […]