BAMBOU, the first hand sanitizer realized also with 24 carats gold finishing

Bambou is out, the new design product signed by Kobra that enters the world of design and high-performance technology.
Bambou is a unique, new, patented and completely made in Italy hand sanitizer, with a fluid and modular design.

The object is constructed from a sinuous steel body and thanks to a sophisticated internal technology, it guarantees the solidity of the product, while allowing its customization and flexibility in multiple shapes and positions.
Strength and resilience, these are the characteristics of Bambou which is able to mold itself into different shapes, then returning to the initial position, like a real bamboo.

Bambou available with a chrome finishing and also in the 24 carats gold variant, thanks to an integrated technology is able to project a distinctive customizable jet, it can reach up to 140 cm in height by 49 cm in width.
Addressing a high-end audience, ranging from private individuals to the world of hotels and starred restaurants, art and design, jewelry and lifestyle, Bambou shapes itself and adapts to any environment.

“We wanted to take an opportunity during a time of global crisis to enter the design market with a product that will accompany us in the upcoming years and has entered our daily life. This new section of Kobra has already gained interest from international markets especially in United States and the United Arab Emirates ”said Fabio Colombo, CEO of Kobra. “Thanks to Bambou Kobra, we are able to further differentiate our portfolio into Italian market, strategically positioning ourselves in an emerging and different segment from the traditional one.”

Bambou was designed to offer the market a prestigious and sophisticated product, capable of overcoming its primary sanitizing function and becoming a real piece of furniture for the most exclusive environments. A true design icon.