Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair – At the show truly Thai craftsmanship

Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair

The 62nd edition, considered one of the best world jewelry shows, takes place from 7 to 11 September 2018

Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair (BGJF) has been celebrated among the world’s leading gems and jewelry shows and regarded as Thailand’s longest established gems and jewelry fair.

Organized twice a year in February and September by the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, the BGJF does not only demonstrate the whole spectrum of products and services the industry has to offer, but it also shines a spotlight on innovative designs and latest global trends from both well-established brands to new entries.

Special Activities at the 62nd Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair

  • Highlighting the theme of “Heritage & Craftsmanship”
  • The Niche Showcase exhibition featuring 5 product groups:

– “Heritage & Craftsmanship” Jewelry with an emphasis on exquisite craftsmanship

– “Spiritual Power” Jewelry of belief and opulence

“Metro Men” Jewelry for men

“The Moment” Jewelry for special occasions

“Beyond Jewelry” lifestyle items decorated with metals and precious stones

  • The New Faces a showcase of Thai SMEs manufacturers and designers with intricate craftsmanship from across the country who have never joined the BGJF totaling over 100 exhibitors
  • Innovation and Design Zone (IDZ) showcasing innovative jewelry businesses and start-ups to develop commercial uses and seek business matching partners such as Jewelry RFID, tag-making, stock management systems, jewelry-making from bricks, glass that utilizes high heat treatment to shape and black smoke technique to highlight carving patterns
  • Seminars to give knowledge to Thai gems and jewelry businesses to expand to international markets organized by the New Academy Economy (NEA) by experts from Thailand and abroad in topics ranging from raw material, jewelry trends, marketing, to gem certification such as How to Expand Your Jewellery Customization Market by CAD & 3D Printing, Market Opportunities in Iran, China, Taiwan, South Korea and Malaysia, Jewelry Design Trends from the Editor of Jewellery Outlook in UK, Raw Material Sourcing in International markets, and the Export Clinic 2018 with experts from DITP overseas offices.

“The 61st Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair was a success in showcasing the strength of Thailand’s gems and jewelry industry to the world,” said DITP General Director Chantira Jimreivat Vivatrat. “The DITP is certain that at the upcoming 62nd Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair this September, we will see a larger number of exhibitors and visitors enjoying the wide range of gems and jewelry products on offer”.

The Thai gems and jewelry industry has experienced continued growth for many years, with its strength in Thai artisans who are known for their skills in heat treatment as well as crafting intricate designs and outstanding jewelry settings. Furthermore, Thailand is known as one of the world’s largest colored gemstones trading hubs, while Thai exporters understand the demands of international markets.

“To highlight Thailand’s cultural heritage in jewelry crafting, the 62nd Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair will promote the exquisite craftsmanship of Thai artisans who produce a variety of jewelry in both classic and modern styles that is capturing consumers all over the world,” said the General Director.


by Alessandro Scalvini