News for Christmas from the Bona Tondinelli Bijoux brand that proposes the “Maglia Greca” Collection for this winter: refined bijoux, embellished with green emerald and red ruby zircons, enclosed in a “Greek” mesh made of brass with old-fashioned plating, wet first in silver, then in 18k gold.

The necklaces are of various sizes, from the collier to the long sautoir, which can be turned several times around the neck and there are many possibilities to customize them by combining the links with various chains and cultured pearls.

“The Greek mesh is made up of two tiny columns with capitals, hence the reference to Greek temples – declares the Florentine designer, Bona Tondinelli, and continues – the central slot lends itself to being embellished with zircon baguettes, but it is also beautiful empty . Starting from the shirt, the whole collection was created including the rings and earrings ”.

The bijoux designer, with a past as an antique dealer and interior designer, is with her atelier in the Oltrarno, which has always been a place full of antique shops and art galleries: for 8 years now she has given birth not only to a brand, but an authentic wunderkammer of jewels with a soul, as Bona likes to define them, within which you can find unique pieces ranging from the early 19th century to the contemporary Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Correani, alongside her line of bijoux, very popular with international customers. Inside her shop she also hosts her workshop where she creates some pieces by hand, while others are designed by her and then made to make by an artisan workshop in Florence.

Bona Tondinelli at her atelier

The stones used are semi-precious: agate, onyx, carnelian, colored jade, cultured pearls and the enamels are done by hand. In unique pieces there are sometimes crystals, zircons or glass pastes. In some creations fragments of ancient things are assembled in an unprecedented way, becoming able to tell a totally new story. The inspiration of the Bona Tondinelli Bijoux brand looks to the past, revisited in a personal and contemporary way for a refined woman who loves timeless ornaments of the highest quality, to be worn “from the desk to the sunset”. All jewels can also be purchased on the website with the possibility of giving a gift card for the holidays.