BRAFA in the Galleries also arrives in Venice at Gioielleria Nardi: from 27th to 31st January the appointment for this first international “widespread fair” will see the antique dealers enrolled in BRAFA 2021 developing exhibitions in their spaces for exposing the works selected for the fair . In total, 126 participants, therefore 126 exhibitions in 13 countries and 37 cities simultaneously from all over the world.

The creations of Gioielleria Nardi since 1925 tell the spirit of the city on the water through gold and precious stones: the historic headquarters in Piazza San Marco is already a fascinating place to be discovered, with elegant furnishings and antique brocades.
On the occasion of BRAFA in the Galleries, visitors will be able to admire masterpieces of goldsmith art such as the Mongolfiera brooch with an opal of over 60 carats, the Mosaic ring and the Tree of Life, brooch-pendant in white gold and diamonds from the iconic collection “Moretti” (in the cover).


Mosaic Ring

Tree of Life brooch

Developed around the central role of the galleries that, in BRAFA in the Galleries of the 126 art galleries involved, 11 have joined for the first time, from London to Paris, San Francisco, Amsterdam and Lisbon and 10 Italian gallerists:

Theatrum Mundi (Arezzo)
Cortesi Gallery (Milano)
Dalton Somaré (Milano)
Robertaebasta (Milano – Londra)
Brun Fine Art (Milano – Londra)
Repetto Gallery (Milano @ Via Vincenzo Monti 8)
Chiale Fine Art (Racconigi)
Paolo Antonacci (Roma)
W. Apolloni srl & Laocoon Gallery (Roma – Londra)An
Gioielleria Nardi (Venezia)

An important long-distance initiative, which this year sees its 66th year since its foundation, “created to support our galleries” comments the President of Brafa, Harold t’Kint de Roodenbeke, with the spirit of meeting and reconnecting vis a vis as soon as possible.