A cocktail party at Villa Bonin Maistrello during VicenzaOro January Edition, it was the perfect backdrop at the launch of the new line signed by Chete Jewelry: BEYOND TIME.

Beyond Time, Beyond ordinary. Of course, this artisanal charm collections handcrafted has resonated as “echo chamber for timeless qualities collections of strong women of all ages and everywhere.

Falling in love with these charms to use as pendants on necklaces and bangles, or interchange them on hoop earrings, it was a moment!

Not just for shaping, leafes, spiral, hearts, keys, feathers and so on with their own meaning.

Free foaming and poetic, each charm feels really special to the touch and carries a unique vibration that lets Woman connect to their daily essence and our shared destiny.

A hymn to diversity, but also to the uniqueness of each woman, by celebrating the wabi sabi ness of life, everything can change, it is transformed, but this is no less beautiful, it’s the opposite!

Chete Jewelry and its talented designers have managed to create a harmonious collection that follows the company’s philosophy: to draw always inspiration from diverse cultures and traditions, offering its customers an exciting mix of styles and creativity in its own jewellery.