The Contemporary Jewel as never seen before Artistar 2018

The Contemporary Jewel as never seen before: Artistar Jewels 2018 the event sponsored by the city of Milan, will take place during the Milan Fashion Week, from 22 to 25 February 2018, at the Palazzo dei Giureconsulti in the heart of Milan. An international showcase for the excellence of contemporary jewellery from all over the world. Lots of news introduced this year, Artistar jewels 2018 has involved several international concept stores that will select brands that will be included in their shops : 16metriqudri, a concept Store Udine, a place of encounter between art and crafts; Creativity Oggetti a Turin gallery specialized from the 2001 in contemporary jewellery and applied arts; Materie s a shop-design gallery of Rome, Mio Store in Florence,which selects an elegant and current desig; Nuovum a concept store in Barcelona where you can find jewels, decorative objects and art; Ottobarradieci di Bergmoa is an original space dedicated to design. Oukan a concept store in Berlin. Tiberius is a shop-concept store in Vienna which has always distinguished itself for the unconventional, irreverent and provocative style and now it has become the emblem of design and lifestyle in the fashion world.
After the event of February Artistar jewels, will cross the Italian borders, a traveling exhibition of 30 jewels selected by the prestigious jury of the contest, will touch important European locations including the gallery ICKX Contemporary jewelry of Brussels known around the world. Always with the aim of creating great chances for the artists to reach success and to guarantee high visibility thanks to the development of commercial and distributive networks and to the possibility of selling their creations to the public
The contest 2018 reserves many other awards. Three winners selected by a jury composed by outstanding experts in the sector: Elisabetta Barracchia- editor in chief of Vogue Accessory and creative director of Fashion Vanity Fair, Astrid Berens-director of SIERAAD ART FAIR, Maristella Campi-fashion and costume journalist, Gianni De Liguoro-founding partner and designer of the famous brand. Dan Piersinaru – Director and founder of AUTOR, Irina Slesareva – Chief Editor of Jewellery Review Magazine and Creative Director of Russian Line Jewellery Contest , Guido Solari – Founder and Owner of Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana of Milano via Savona, 20. They will take part free of charge at the event Artistar jewels 2019 and special contents of the publication 2019 will be dedicated to them. In addition, their works will be part of the creations chosen for the itinerant exhibition mentioned above. A young designer will have the chance to attend the professional goldsmith course offered by the Ambrosian School of Milan. Two designers will be selected to participate for free in the 2018 at the European fairs: Sieraad Art Fair in Amsterdam and Autor International Contemporary Jewelry Fair in Bucharest.