DA-ME with its Jewellery Selection Made In Italy at Sieraad 2017

DA-ME, platfEorm by Claudia Marotto, aimed at making known in the world The contemporary jewel made in Italy will present a selection of the jewel made in Italy at Sieraad, in Amsterdam, from 9 to 12 November 2017. Elena Martinelli, Vitti Ferria Contin, Laura Contri, and Laura Volpi will be the protagonists of the exhibition entitled “Personal Stories”. Four Italian jewellery designers, four different artists in comparison, each one will show their own world, their own language, their own artistic and creative universe. Strong is the desire of each one to cross the boundaries of one’s nation and to become known to the foreign public to discover new markets. Each one will write a story leaving precious traces on the body, the feminine one.

I wanted my very personal, physical and virtual space, in order to meet artists and designers and create with them my community of artists. ” Claudia Marotto-Da-Me founder.

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