Diva Gioielli launches pendant Conscious Woman!

Diva Jewellery launches pendant Conscious Woman!

When a poor woman becomes aware of the opportunity to improve and of their rights, then begins her ransom.
When a woman is aware of her own well-being, then she may decide to help other women. A female Harvester of seaweed that looks at you straight in the eye. A look that questions that did not leave indifferent Diva Concil, the founder of the Italian brand that designs and produces silver jewelry. She now feels more aware than ever that fate is common in many ways women around the world.
Thanks to her friendship with Danilo De Marco decided to contribute to African Mondine book printing, so familiarly named by Erri De Luca, one of the authors. It is a small booklet, which contains photographs very nice, treated in detail and already in demand. Our job is to create contemporary silver jewelry that she wears to bring out its beauty. But there are less exposed beauties, we have the opportunity to make known through this booklet, printed in limited edition, not for sale. Mondine of Africa shows the faces, bodies, the smiles of women working to grow the algae, algae that we Western women we find in creams and in preparations for the care of our skin. Hard work, like many others. But the suffering of women – we read from news events – also affects many other aspects. We believe that much can be done just by relying on awareness of women themselves “. By increasing awareness of disadvantaged women and need help, giving an opportunity to a job, doing know your rights them begin a path of autonomy and ransom. To support charitable activities in which they are involved its dealerships, jewelers Jewelry Diva has designed an exclusive pendant. Every woman who wears it, know that 20% of the proceeds from the sale supports projects in favour of girls, girls or women in need. Diva Jewellery will update its audience through the pages of the social networks. Exclusive silver pendant, brought as leaning further to the arm or neck, will everyone who meets you in front of a woman who care be and participate with pride to change the fate of the world. This initiative is also designed for customers Diva jewelry. There is a strong affinity between this project and the woman wearing Diva jewelry. The latter is engaged in every day life, sensitive to social changes with a strong will be herself a heroine. Essential, minimal, allowing it to pass during the day from one situation to another with great ease. Choosing jewelry easy wearability, designed for women on the go. A woman who declares her personal style refined by keeping alive the interest for the languages of art, fashion and culture in General.