Diva Jewellery

Diva Jewelry is an emerging brand whose 925 Silver jewelry made entirely in Italy and distributed in concept stores and in the best Italian jewelers.

Collection orbit, Eclipse, Diva Jewellery 2017

Composed of long and short necklaces, necklaces, earrings and pendants, bracelet and Bangle, rings Silver 925.

Available in versions Silver rhodium, silver plated rose gold, silver gold plated.

Orbit is the name of the new collection of 18 new models, which develop in the finishes scratched and smooth, and in silver, rose gold and gold plated. The perfect shape, the circle although sometimes perfection is static, unchanging and always equal to itself.

The orbit is in this new collection of silver jewelry 925 routes already foreshadowed that you cross from one possible alternative route, an escape, a geometric element with contrasting finish (tubular rim is scratched, while finger through it is shiny). It creates visual continuity, hypothetical amazing optical effects for their daring ingenuity. All carefully designed to respond to an immediate fit, ideal for the contemporary woman and dynamic response.

Each jewel is finished by hand. The brand is distinguished by its minimalist design and contemporary, characterized by linear forms and pure. In every season Diva Jewelry offers new collections each of which has its own defined style address.

Each collection interprets and reveals the precise content ideals, referring to hear this drenched in future. The matter is seen in the form of jewel to be jewel, object, light, expressing feelings, emotions, character. Iconic details, sometimes heavily, worn by an active woman, in a perceptual world that evolves quickly, a woman who pours into his personal style that nurtures interest for culture and art. The jewelry Diva are the result of continuous research on materials, finishes and development of three-dimensional volumes


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Ufficio Stampa Diva Gioielli

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