EDEN DIODATI -Luxury Jewellery with a Compassionate Heart


Eden Diodati is a brand of ethical jewellery and love that combines sustainability with luxury, beauty and philanthropy in its supply chain and philosophy. Founded by Jennifer Ewah, a british-Nigerian born, studied at the London College of Fashion, where discovered her lifelong passion for design, ethcal issues and the rights and hopes of the socially marginalised. She decided to launch a brand that would serve those in need in a sustainable way whilst creating beautiful investment pieces within the world of luxury.
Sold to the luxury department stores Harvey Nichols and La Maison Couture in London. The luxury Sustainble jewellery brand that fuses timless design and the innovative use of natural materials with centuries old craftsmanship has the privilege to work with an extraordinary cooperative of women who survived the genocide in Rwanda, who realize with compassion and mastery unique and great beauty pieces. Using a centuries-old artisan heritage and craftsmanship, their skills, courage, fortitude and faith inspire the creative direction of Eden Diodati, while defying prejudices on socially ethical accessories made in Africa. A prêt-á-porter jewellery meeting progressive philanthropy as design-led, sustainable luxury for the modern woman of discernment who provides sustainable employment for more than 5000 formerly marginalised women in 52 savings cooperatives.
Shifting paradigms in luxury jewellery design with a collection of high-end pieces, that makes stunningly intricate use of innovative materials and exotic influences. Wearing an Eden Diodati piece is more than an aesthetic statement. It is a modern statement of both elevated style and compassion.
Articles on the jewels of Eden Diodati have been published on Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Vanity Fair and Wallpaper magazine. “With each piece we tell a powerful history of beauty, portentous design, sense of legitimacy of women and love. Each piece is made for the woman of modern and elegant discernment who is looking for a unique and beautiful jewel.