Green Jewellery – Fairmined raw materials and supply chain traceability

The increasing global care for sustainability in the fashion and jewelry industry represents a growing concern both among consumers and producers from all over the world. The new generations are particularly paying attention to the origin of the precious materials used to produce accessories and jewelry. The ethical jewelry trend pays special attention to sustainability at all levels: from the sources of production of environmentally friendly raw materials to the fair remuneration and working conditions of the workforce involved in the working. The main ethical and environmental problems in the jewelry supply chain first of all concern the primary phase of the industry, that is, mining. Ethical jewelry is the new trend. More and more operators are proposing sustainable and ethical alternatives, which translate into jewelry made with accessible and eco-sustainable materials.

The raw materials called “fairmined” are extracted in respect of nature and people. The mining companies that adhere to the project obtain an international certification from the Alliance for Responsible Mining, the organization that verifies the compliance with the criteria of fair-sustainability. To guarantee the real sustainability of the products and the origin of the raw materials, traceability becomes absolutely important. Also JVF – Jewelry Virtual Fair is moving in this direction and is about to introduce a unique system, a seal that will guarantee to the entire supply chain, from the producer to the final customer, the originality and traceability of the product, both for jewels and stones. A real and concrete commitment in the perspective of an increasingly “green” jewelry, in respect of nature and of people.

Riccardo Allione