Filigree Special – Yvone Christa, naturally

Yvone Christa

Yvonne Clamf and Christina Söderström. Swedish by birth, New Yorkers by adoption. Gorgeous and charming, just like their full-of-smartness and contagious-enthusiasm smile, as captured in the photo on this page.

They are the mind and creative soul of Yvone Christa, the jewelry brand officially born in Los Angeles in 1991, which resulted from long and passionate work around the kitchen table that the two designers shared with other roommates when still students.

Yvone Christa
Yvone Christa, alias Yvonne Clamf & Christina Söderström

Up on stage!

The curtain suddenly rises. A scriptwriter spots their creations and requests them for the celebrities of two very popular TV series of the 90’s. Therefore, in the wake of “Beverly Hills 90210” – extremely popular teen drama made in the USA – and “Melrose Place”, stars begin to wear Yvonne and Christina’s jewels. At this point, a leap towards the Big Apple is a must, and, above all, a winning choice: New York City becomes the birthplace of Yvone Christa’s first sales point.

Filigree, eccentricity and elegance

Yvone Christa
Tiny Tulip by Yvone Christa

They express themselves with unique creativity: provocative, yet discrete, happily swinging between experimentation and an idyllic, almost reverential, call to Nature, to its forms, to its colors. Filigree: in the heart and in the hands. Thanks to this antique precious-metal working technique, Yvonne and Christina renew their success, showing deep and conscious respect for this tradition, and, at the same time, futuristically projecting their explosive creativity which is able to see further beyond.

This is Yvone Christa, between sensitivity and rare manual skills in the working of silver 925 – burnished or 22-carat-gold plated –matching surprising forms and precious stones with inspiration and boldness.

Yvone Christa
The YC style for Laura Pausini

The YC style star system

Yvone Christa’s jewels were chosen by actresses, singers, top models, politicians and even royal people from all over the world: Jennifer Aniston, as it was said, Madonna, Cindy Crawford, Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz, Princess Victoria of Sweden, and more, Kate Bosworth, Christie Brinkley, Kate Moss, Katherine Zeta-Jones, Heidi Klum. Moreover, to mention an Italian and international music star, Laura Pausini (you will read about her in the next pages).

In 2014, Laura had chosen some of Yvone Christa New York creations for the promos of “La Voz México” talent show (the Mexican version of The Voice), where she had been invited as an international coach first, and, in 2017, as part of the jury. For the occasion, Laura Pausini had chosen some big and exquisitely-eccentric rings from the “Cocktail Ring” collection, made with a precious working of filigree mixed with quartz and cubic zirconia.

by Chiara Marseglia