FiloRosso Bijoux

FiloRosso Bijoux-an experience dedicated to jewel where all are protagonists.

To pre announce the spring date with biennale Contest dedicated to contemporary jewellery, FiloRosso Bijoux presents on the occasion of Barcolana 2017, from September 29 to October 8, a selection of the works,  created in previous editions of the event at the showcase of excellence in the boutique Trieste Falconeri during the week of sailing when the city has got more than 250,000 visitors. Isabella Bembo is the  curator of the event. As is now standard practice for FiloRosso the pieces are made partly or wholly with the fabric, 17 pieces were selected . With these creations, expression of artistic sensibility, fabric find new life and the preciousness is taken not so much the material as the value that the jewel takes in artistic interpretation and the message it conveys to each one of us.

To mention a few names Corrado De Meo  and Gigi Mariani, goldsmiths, will present their works where interact the fabric and the precious metal. The poetry of Sara Progressi with the delicacy of its flowers is responding to the strength of velvet, worked as stone, in the Austrian ring Izabella Petrut. The homage to Frida Kalo of Daniela Luzzu echoes to ricamidell work and the work of French  Sebastien Carre’and  Israeli Galit Enaiv, Yael Frieman and Nora Hagel. From nearby Slovenia come instead the creations of Sandra Kocjancic, Jure Kodre, Petra Bole and Natasa Grandovec.

Interesting sprawling necklace of the girl from Trieste Corinna Bernardis.

by Alessandra Meda