From fashion shows, fashion jewel trend

The world of fashion suggests the trends for precious accessories, paying special attention to the evolution of the market and to the constant changes of consumers. A recent study, carried out by the English company WSGM, has shown that the Z generation (those born between 1995 and 2010 who this year will be 40% of consumers) will be much more aware, attentive to the origin and ethicality of an item, but also to its economic value. The same highlighted that laboratory diamonds, the so-called synthetic diamonds, will represent the main jewelry trend.

It is a snapshot of the evolution of the market than can provide a further interpretation key to companies. The international catwalks are the mirror to take inspiration for the creations of the new gold and silver jewels. One trend is the return to the gold art of the past. Let’s think of Bulgari, for example, the famous firm that was inspired by the ancient jewelry tradition of the first century AD and used ancient coins in the making of its jewelry.

The trend of 2020, therefore, rediscovers from a contemporary point of view the most traditional gold manufacturing, using shapes and materials of timeless elegance and quality.

by Cinzia Di Rosa