Fulvia Notari modern bead producer

fulvia notari

Tradition is filtered by the careful look of an “architect”: his works are sculptures to wear, conquering the world in the name of the hand made-in-Italy quality

Modern bead producer Fulvia Notari approaches the Murano glass art with the respect and admiration of an outsider. A new eye, freer to appreciate the enormous potential of this material and to rediscover and relaunch it, creating a bridge between past and future.

She was born in Milan, but resides in Dolo (Venice); she studied design with Achille Castiglioni, Thomas Maldonado, Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis. She then met with Bruno Munari, graduated in Architecture and joined the goldsmith school in Padua.

A bridge between craftsmanship and the made-in-Italy style

Jewels are her passion, an enjoyment that is synonymous with culture, given the symbolic meaning of ornaments. This is how Antares Venezia originates, from the love for the glassware art and its artisanal working techniques.

“I have been working with glass for 25 years so far – says Fulvia Notari – and I have always striven to create through my designs a bridge between the art of hand working and the made-in-Italy style. I enjoy creating modern, contemporary, current objects that are at the same time essential and can represent an identity that lasts in time”.

A tradition is regenerated through the eye of an “architect” that is addressed to designing and at the same time to the people who will wear the jewels. “There’s great love for the Murano tradition in what I do – continues Fulvia Notari – alongwith the desire to come up with something different, which is able to have its own circulation and market, a visibility that is anchored to tradition”.

Sculptures to wear

The wearable sculptures by Antares Venezia are part of a niche market, made of people from all over the world who appreciate the contribution of these hand-made objects, whose artistic and mainly artisanal value resides in the fact that they are created by hand.