Gianfranco Ferré in a different light

From 12 October to 19 February 2017 2018 is staged “Gianfranco Ferré in a different light: jewelry and ornaments ” exposure of Palazzo Madama in Turin, designed by Gianfranco Ferré Foundation, of which is the Director Rita Airaghi and Fondazione Torino Musei curated by Francesca Alfano Miglietti.

World premiere of 200 objects-jewel retrace the entire affair from the collections of the famous designer’s creative Italian 1980 to 2007. We are witnessing an interpretation of his genius applied to necklaces and bracelets in every material. When the ornament get in symbiosis with clothing, with a constant exchange of culture and excitement.

When the jewel is not confined to the second floor but it has a strong soul, all its own. A 360 degree creative mysticism to Gianfranco Ferré, fashion architect par excellence, that created real design pieces, sometimes integrated with the dress.

Described with words in his lecture notes following his passion for ornaments in fashion. “I think that the jewel is the most immediate to make a wish innate beauty, timeless, as old as the human history, rooted in our sensitivity because it is able to translate into reality, emotions and feelings. The jewel has had extraordinary representative significance as a symbol of wealth, power, prestige, authority. It’s a medium for representing himself. Like the dress and perhaps more than the dress “. As pointed out by the curator of the exhibition, “Ferré ornament is not the youngest son of a valued, but a concept of eternity that must represent the immanence of this.”