date: 29/09 – 01/10/2022


During the gold and jewelry fair GOLDEXPO Warsaw 2022, we had the pleasure to present you an exhibition commemorating the 50th anniversary of the construction of the clock at the Royal Castle in Warsaw. The author of the exhibition was Mr. Władysław Meller, the contractor of the Guild of Goldsmiths, Watchmakers, Opticians, Engravers and Bronzes of the Capital City of Warsaw. Of Warsaw. We would like to express our gratitude to both the author and the contractor for the materials provided.

A pleasant surprise for the Foundation during the opening ceremony of the fair was the speech of the Director of the School Complex No. Jan Kiliński in Warsaw, Leszek Olszewski, MA and handing over the diploma to the Chairman of the Council of the Foundation for the Development of the Polish Jewelery and Jewelery Industry, Mr. Stefan Duk. In gratitude for supporting the activities of the community of craftsmen and jewelers for the promotion of the industry and the talents of masters and young apprentices in the gold and jewelery industry, as well as maintaining the tradition of Polish artistic craftsmanship. For full commitment and fruitful long-term cooperation in promoting the school through the annual organization of a stand at GOLDEXPO Warsaw.

This year, Vostok Europe once again invited the brand ambassador, Mr. Marcin Tybura, a mixed martial artist, to its stand. On the second day of the fair, you could get an autograph of “Tybur” on a poster with the image of the competitor, as well as take a photo with the champion himself.



During the GOLDEXPO WARSAW 2022 fair, the photo competition “HUMAN-JEWELRY-WORLD” organized by the Foundation for the Development of the Polish Gold and Jewelery Industry together with the Phototechnical School Complex in Warsaw, returned. The aim of the competition is to show jewelry through the student lens, the way of its presentation and symbiosis with people. It is primarily the popularization of photography, promoting young adepts of the art of photography, as well as developing aesthetic and artistic sensitivity. Shaping attitudes related to respect for copyright. This year, the works of students from the Complex of Schools No. Jan Kiliński in Warsaw, the Complex of Art Schools for them. Jacek Malczewski in Częstochowa, the Art School Complex in Katowice, the Art Gallery in Legnica, the “Nowolipki” State Artistic Center in Warsaw. The ceremonial announcement of the competition results, combined with the opening of the post-competition exhibition, will traditionally take place at the seat of the Polish Craft Association – the Chodkiewicz Palace in Warsaw.



date: 05 – 07.10.2023

venue: EXPO XXI Center at ul. Prądzyńskiego 12/14 in Warsaw