The #SAFEBUSINESS is the name of the project launched by the IEG Italian Exhibition Group to trade fairs in Italy in complete safety, in full compliance with health rules and protocols, protecting the health of companies and visitors.

the project, thanks to a work table which has seen the coordination of the exhibition and catering companies, technicians and international operators, will focus on each phase of the fair or congress experience.

“This plan was born with the desire to give a complete and reliable answer to customers and the public who, today more than yesterday, ask us to be able to count on fairs and conferences to start again. We did it in line with the health rules against covid -19 and the documents drawn up by AEFI, FEDERCONGRESSI, UFI and EMECA which I thank for the constant presence on the topic”, says the CEO of IEG, Corrado Peraboni.

Over fifty indications are traced in the project downstream of a rigorous regulatory and organizational protocol including:

  • shuttles between airport, hotel and sanitized fair, equipped with disinfectants, with the obligation of masks on board and programmed number of travelers;
  • agreements with bike sharing companies and scooters, in agreement with hotels and local areas;
  • ticket offices and online payments only;
  • entrances scheduled on the basis of the capacity of the pavilions and opening hours of the extended fairs;
  • mask distribution desk;
  • multiple entries;
  • safety corridors and distance signs;
  • dematerialized access tickets;
  • controls on the public with thermoscanner and sanitization path;
  • wardrobe with automatic cycle and disposable covers;

Not only, however, once the fair has started, but also the entire set-up chain has been designed and will be safely managed, the flows of visitors monitored with centralized digital detection and on-site monitoring of remote-controlled stewards. Continuous cycle sanitation for all areas, rooms and services, sanitation for the filters of the air conditioning channels. Digitized information material, multimedia production and live streaming to support events, conferences, media.

A rigid and defined plan, as was a crisis management protocol that defines behavior on the spot in the presence of suspicious cases. IEG employees and event staff will be trained to ensure and guarantee the safe performance of tasks, the use of PPE, compliance with strict procedures for personal hygiene and disinfection, and spacing.

And on the subject of employees, the president of Italian Exhibition Group, Lorenzo Cagnoni announces that the company has decided on mass serological screening, on a voluntary basis: “We adopt it to protect our collaborators, employees of subsidiaries and all our relational system.