During VicenzaOro the data on digital evolution in the gold and luxury business were presented: 42% of consumers do research online while in the store; 35% compare the prices available on e-commerce platforms and 68% of in-store sales are influenced by the web. But the world of small and medium-sized businesses is still too cautious in innovating sales channels from an “omnichannel” perspective.

On Monday 9 September, VicenzaOro, the European Jewelery and Jewelery Show, focused its headlights on Calicantus, which for the third consecutive year took part in the Digital Talks, meetings with digital retail experts, organized in collaboration with Federpreziosi Confcommercio.

New inputs, data and important considerations emerged during the convention conducted by Carlotta Magnaguagno and Andrea Mazzon, Digital strategist: updated market data estimate that 42% of consumers use the smartphone for online searches while physically in the store; 35% compare the prices available on e-commerce platforms and 68% of in-store sales are influenced by the company’s web presence.

Relevant numbers that highlight a phenomenon arising from the needs of increasingly younger and digitized consumers: “80% of users consult the online presence of the company, before making a purchase, even directly at the point of sale – says Valentino Bergamo, CEO of Calicantus – We have found, however, that the small-medium enterprise in the world of jewelry, and in general of luxury, still proves to be very cautious in conceiving a strategic plan that integrates digital and physical channels: a vision that today can determine the survival or success of many businesses ”.

The need therefore arises for a new way of doing retail, in which the consumer is intercepted before arriving in the store, so that the technology serves to support the human factor, always sought after by the customer. Innovation is fundamental, especially for multi-brand activities: it is necessary to integrate the digital marketing plan with the sales strategies on the points of sale.

Another hot topic, the importance of supporting the user who seeks information, service but above all an emotion through the web: “For companies, it is now essential to tell about their own value: their own history, philosophy, beyond to the characteristics of the product – continues Bergamo – for the luxury sector the contents transmitted through online channels play a fundamental role, among these: very high quality images and engaging texts. “