The “new Renaissance” of artistic craftmanship

Since 1995, in the heart of Milan, Cologni Foundation has been the promoter of a “new Renaissance” for artistic craftmanship of excellence. Focusing on the young, the goal of the Foundation is to create new generations of Art Maters, passing on through them the traditional artisanal professions.

Cologni Foundation collaborates with high profile schools and institutes in the field of applied arts. Through its internship program called “A School, a Job. Paths of excellence” (, it supports the training of young people in high craftmanship and their integration in the work field.

The theme of the next edition will be “Italian passions”; citing President Franco Cologni, «passion for custom-made excellence is peculiar to regions that cannot be relocated or reproduced elsewhere, as they are intimately bound to a territory and history that are unique in their own peculiar way». Thanks to these internships, Cologni Foundation intends to pay homage to Italian beauty and style, providing young handicraft talents with experience in a workshop next to the great Masters, whose knowledge expresses the identity of their territory, and is the precious patrimony of each Region, awakening the passion and the preference of many wise collectors, together with the imagination of lovers of beauty from all over the world.

In reference to the “Mini Master” organized by Cologni Foundation in collaboration with the most prestigious Specialization academies and schools of Milan and offered to the winners of the contest “A School, a Job” prior to the six-month internship, General Manager Alberto Cavalli says: «The search for innovation, the investigation on new communication instruments, the knowledge of methods of management of micro firms and the cultural depth of the applied arts represent a competitive advantage which the new generation should learn to investigate and integrate to its artistic vision. Excellence is an educational process.» 

As a good patron, Cologni claims the necessity to create a cultural movement. This is why the Foundation is also involved in the promotion of artistic craftmanship through publications, such as the “Mestieri d’Arte & Design” magazine (“Arts & Crafts & Design” in the English version), dedicated to the excellence of the Italian production and of the Art Masters who, in Italy as well as in the rest of the world, contribute to passing on the “manual intelligence”. Other issues are the series “Mestieri d’Arte” (Art Professions) and “Ricerche” (Investigations), published by Marsilio Editori, which intend to rediscover and value the artisanal excellence professions of different regions.

Such patrimony must be preserved and valued. »Not only deeds, but also ideas contribute to changing the perception and consideration of the great public.» This path must lead to develop interest and admiration for those who practice the art crafts and for their own creations.