Istanbul Jewelry Show, the most important exhibition of jewelry industry in the region, opens doors at  Istanbul Fair Center, CNR Expo for the 50th time between 07-10 October 2021.

Istanbul Jewelry Show offers a secure platform where industry leaders may experience and supply the  latest products, services and technological solutions while setting trends, and new business deals may be  concluded by and between exhibitors and buyers.

This year’s event will be organized in accordance with new Informa Allsecure health and security standards  to ensure maximum healthcare of all exhibitors of Informa Markets at Istanbul Fair Center, CNR Expo.

One of the most significant events for jewelry industry on global calendar, Istanbul Jewelry Show convenes  the outstanding companies and brands with industry experts on a safe platform while offering  opportunities for new cooperation and a unique way to exchange information.

Catering the needs of industry since 1986, Istanbul Jewelry Show fairs are organized by Informa Markets,  the world’s biggest and leading fair organizer. Informa Markets has a long-standing background and  expertise in industry with 17 jewelry fairs organized in 7 countries. Encouraged also with the power of its  portfolio, Istanbul Jewelry Show stands as a fair closely followed by all industry experts.

We are placing your safety at the heart of our events

As the world’s leading events’ organiser, Informa has developed a detailed set of enhanced measures to  provide the highest levels of hygiene and safety at its events. Informa’s AllSecure health and safety  standards provide everyone with reassurance and confidence they are participating in a safe and controlled  environment at the Istanbul Jewelry Show.

International buying committee to be welcomed during the fair

“International Buying Committee Programme” will be realized to improve export, to discover new markets  for export products and to help sellers keep their current market shares. The representatives of industry  leading companies and brands will be welcomed as buyers within the scope of programme.

Jewelry design pulses again at Designer Market!

Designers taking part in Designer Market, organized under the roof of Istanbul Jewelry Show, will exhibit  their latest designs to visitors. With a growing volume and interest each year, Designer Market is an  exclusive arena where global jewelry market actors unveil their designs, and designers reunite with  manufacturers to exchange ideas and to create opinions about next year’s jewelry designs.

Şermin Cengiz, Founding Partner of UBM Rotaforte: “Fairs play a key role in economic recovery”

Emphasizing that fairs are the key address to fast recovery of global economy, Cengiz said: “Fairs make  great contribution not only to their respective industries but also to secondary industries before and during  fair, while producing source of income to more than 100 subsectors from transportation to  accommodation, from food & beverage industry to booth producers.

Istanbul Jewelry Shows in March and October 2019 generated an income of TL 164,2 million for secondary  industries according to UFI calculation method, excluding orders and booth rentals during the fair.

During 2019 in Turkey, 25.828.251 visitors were hosted at 482 exhibitions. Despite the decline of such  figures in fairs postponed/cancelled in 2020, Turkey will keep growing in fair organizations for future  years”.

Cengiz also added: “This year, there is an important milestone for Istanbul Jewelry Show which has been  organized for 36 years. This fair will be our 50th fair. Improving in parallel with the growth of jewelry  industry since 1986, our fair will rapidly adapt to the new normal and keep being a competent address for  worldwide jewelry industry, mainly including Turkish jewelry industry.