KU&KU, from Kostroma with love – The brand of the two sisters: Vesta and Svetlana Kudryavtsevy

Vesta & Svetlana Kudryavtsevy, KU&KU

The young brand of the two sisters, Vesta and Svetlana Kudryavtsevy, makes its first landing in Italy, and is ready to conquer the audience with a selection of exquisitely-charming and made in Russia silver and gold jewels.

KU&KU is a young company, born in 2011 from the entrepreneurial intuition and creativity of two Russian sisters, Vesta and Svetlana Kudryavtsevy. For the first time, Vesta and Svetlana present their collections in Italy, on the Palakiss Winter exhibit stage (Vicenza).

KU&KU by Vesta & Svetlana Kudryavtsevy
ph credits: KU&KU by Vesta & Svetlana Kudryavtsevy

Nothing is accidental

Breaking through the fantasies of the Italian and international audience is KU&KU’s 2018 mission. A selection of silver jewels and golden capsule collection has taken center stage.

Rings, pendants, earrings, enameled or colored-stone items leave room for chance, but, at the same time, reveal that they can be simply worn on any occasion.

These collections consist of both clean and essential lines, like “Geometry & Forms”, as well as more refined and flashier ones, such as “Gothic”, which gives a nod to the Tsars through its working of silver, gold and polished enamels.

KU&KU by Vesta & Svetlana Kudryavtsevy
ph credits: KU&KU by Vesta & Svetlana Kudryavtsevy

A brand, two souls

The simplicity and appeal of its naming is amazing, which is able to arouse instant curiosity and interest: KU&KU is simply the acronym of their last name. Vesta, the elder sister, is the collections’ coordinator and curator; Svetlana, the younger, is the family brand’s artist and designer. Together, the Kostroma’s sisters seem to have found the key to be appreciated both by young customers as well as by a most emancipated audience.

From Russia, or, better to say, “from Kostroma with love”: Italy is now spoilt for choice. There’s just one thing left to do: choosing what to wear tomorrow!

by Gloria Reali