Lace and jewels: wearable art pieces in the Venice style

Unique pieces personally made by hand by gold master Nicoletta Marchiò

From the Venice tradition of lace and jewelry, gold master Nicoletta Marchiò got the idea and courage to combine two ancient crafts and to give life to true masterpieces of style and quality based on precision, skill and experience. The cotton-thread lace, a typical product of the artistic handicraft of Venice, is used for gold and silver pendants, rings and earrings, turning them into unique, luminous and elegant jewels.

Study, research and desire for innovation led MARCHIÒ™ to design and develop an innovative technique of jewelry manufacturing, reinventing lace by transforming it into a precious metal and applying it to the gold art. The result of this are artifacts with a unique design that stand out for their texture and high definition of design and for their particular lightness. The LACE and LACE MASKS top lines, real wearable art pieces, are personally made by gold master Nicoletta Marchiò. They originate from her intuition and carried out through the phases of the design, through technical planning and careful choice of materials. Each piece is built by hand.