Legislative Decree 92/2017 on the buying and selling of used jewellery

Following the approval of the Legislative Decree 92/2017 on the buying and selling of used, were raised some controversy, in fact, the Ministry of economy and finance has provided some clarification. According to a note of Confindustria Federorafi and Federpreziosi Confcommercio, the last ministerial communication was reaffirmed that “all operators to 5 July 2017 prevailing or occasional trading activities as well as activities permutative of used items, made in whole or in part of precious metals, also including professionals in gold Act 17 January 2000 Nr 7by law,  are required to comply with statutory provisions contained in Legislative Decree of 25 may 2017, act nr 92, which are valid ways of fulfilment of obligations under art. 128 of the consolidated text of the laws of public security “. As for sending data to the OAM log (the organism of financial Agents and you can do so within three months of the entry into force of the decree and the OAM will have three months to institutionalize it.  Within the Ministerial communication are also mentioned in detail the mandatory sanctions.