Milano Jewellery Tour is back

This January 2020 will be rich with appointments not to miss, some of which will be held on the 23rd and 24th: Milano Jewellery Tour, the project conceived and founded by professor and communication consultant Eugenia Gadaleta, is back.

Milano Jewellery Tour was born with the purpose of presenting ateliers, galleries, gold workshops, historical workshops and highly selected jewelry events in an original way and through a narrative itinerary that will allow small groups of visitors to discover places of excellence that are not very popular.

The focus of the next tour, which is absolutely worth embarking on, will be on three very important areas of Milan’s city center. The tour will end surrounded by a relaxed atmosphere and sipping some tea in the historic and full of charm cafeteria of the Grand Hotel et de Milan, particularly appreciated by famous people and culture celebrities. Experts in this field will make a critical presentation of jewelry both in terms of history and technical design.  “After the surprising outcome of October, the offer of Milano Jewellery Tour is still confirmed; the opportunity to learn so much about Milan’s cultural richness is certainly the most appealing aspect.

This experience offers the opportunity to respond to all those who are willing to learn about jewelry in a different way, receiving special attention also in the sense of creating connections between people. Collectors and business experts have participated in more than one tour, and some have shared this experience. “I have great colleagues who have supported me from the beginning, and we will work together to make this experience unforgettable always,” says Eugenia Gadaleta.

Places are limited. For info and costs please contact now!

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