The selections for the second edition of the Milano Jewelry Week are officially open; the Milan week, taking place from 22 to 25 October 2020, will be completely dedicated to the world of jewelry.


Approaching its second edition, this qualified and glamorous hub of the “jewelry network” was met with noticeable appreciation and support by the world of jewelry as it proved capable of bringing products close to those who buy them through those who produce them.

MJW 2020 will host high jewelry ateliers, goldsmith workshops, academies, art galleries, contemporary jewelry artists, fashion boutiques and design showrooms, the entire world of jewelry in its broadest sense.

Several commercial businesses located in the territory will be involved and will exhibit the creations of artists and galleries from all over the world according to different theme paths such as:

– the contemporary jewel,

– the original jewel,

– the artist jewel,

– the precious jewel

– the bijou

MJW 20 confirms the presence of Artistar Jewels, which, with the participation of over 150 international artists, will reach its eighth edition in 2020.

Moreover, the calendar of events proposed on the occasion of this show will not be limited to the month of October: Prodes Italia – the company that is responsible for the organization and management of this four-day show dedicated to jewelry – has also created the Milano Jewelry Pearls, training and cultural events taking place all year round and leading the way to the event.

Workshops, conferences and exhibitions on the theme of jewelry will feature realities such as jewelry academies and galleries, concept stores, jewelry institutions as well as artists and designers coming from all over the world, aiming at keeping the attention and interest in jewelry high.

MJW 2020 welcomes participants from all over the world. In order to take part in the initiative, it is necessary to send an email to