Mosaic jewels by Paola Ducoli – Murano glass tiles

Gioielli in mosaico con tessere in vetro di Murano by Paola Ducoli

Designer Paola Ducoli enthralls with her peculiar mosaic working and the creation of very-high quality and unique pieces in her lab-studio. An artistic technique formula characterized by patience and love for any little detail.

Orecchini Etiopia by Paola Ducoli
Etiopia Earrings by Paola Ducoli

Murano glass tiles, from Paola Ducoli’s dream

Each piece is a 100% made in Italy and worked by hand: the Murano glass tiles, rigorously broken by hand, give life to pieces in which the color shading and different light refractions produce an amazing effect. It is a union of art, design and rare artisanal skill, destined for an audience that is willing to opt for exclusive and very-high quality solutions.

“Jewels are a dream that has to be lived” and Paola Ducoli interprets this dream through her collections: beautiful, elegant and valued in terms of design and color, refined and ostentatious, making a breach in women’s vanity, and allowing them not to go unnoticed and to express themselves through jewels.

anello Egypt by Paola Ducoli
Egypt ring by Paola Ducoli

Royalty and timelessness are attributes that identify her audacious and theatrical jewels, sublimating the personality of the women who wear them.

Her works are a futuristic projection of explosive creativity watching beyond, they are a creative resource against the homologation of tastes, they are an extraordinary example of customized perfection and of limited edition production.

by Gloria Reali