New markets: Uzbekistan, the future is golden

The gold market is in constant evolution. Together with the major trade hubs, such as the United States, Europe and China, other important markets are playing an increasingly important role in world trade, like the United Arab Emirates, India, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong. These markets play an important role at several levels, both because they are able to meet the local demand and to act as regional trade hubs. It is the case of Hong Kong, that for a long time has been a gateway to the Chinese market, and Singapore, which is strengthening its position as a key hub for trade in South East Asia – ASEAN region.

In this scenario, the Central Asian Republic of Uzbekistan aims at strengthening its gold production, showing therefore an interest in the acquisition of machinery and technology for the production of finished objects. Italian technology producers become a point of reference and Afemo, together with the Uzbek diplomatic authorities in Italy and Veneto, is a pioneer in this new market opportunity. Last summer, Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree to intensify the exploration and production of precious metals like gold and silver. In recent months, Uzbekistan, which is placed among the world’s top 10 gold-producing countries, has implemented reforms to further develop its mining sector, including lifting bans on private gold mining and promoting more transparency in the extraction and production of gold in