Palakiss turns 25 and is ready to celebrate a new milestone, reaching a quarter of a century in the jewelry industry, supporting businesses that believed in the «delivery» formula implemented since 1999! It’s a significant anniversary that should be celebrated with its staff and all exhibitors, recognizing their fundamental role as partners in Palakiss’s success.

This collaboration has allowed mutual growth and contributed to the success of an ever-evolving industry should be kept alive.

«The industrious ability to innovate and adapt to a continuously changing global market has always been the driving force behind Palakiss partners. It has allowed our center to earn the trust of buyers, establishing itself as a reference point for «delivery» in the international jewelry field.

As we celebrate the achievements so far, an important partnership with the Italian Exhibition Group, a leader in organizing trade events worldwide, and VICENZAORO, which is celebrating 70 years of events and promotion in the historic venue of Vicenza, has also been added. It has become the fair for the excellence and creativity of jewelry.» – A.M.

During these 25 years, Andrea Marcon has led Palakiss with dedication and passion, promoting its initiatives alongside IEG at various international jewelry fairs worldwide. This has contributed to showcasing the city of Vicenza and the Veneto region also for their historical beauty.

This alliance will continue to enlight the jewelry industry in the coming years in Vicenza, as a unique international jewelry hub.