Purses, mes amours! Purses & Spring/Summer 2018 trends

BVL Venezia

Sequins, pearls, crystals, precious/non-precious metals: these elements contribute to making an accessory unique. Even any purse, no matter what size. How? It depends on the season. Here are the 2018 trends for jewel bags. Interview with BVL Venezia. 

Sequins, pearls, crystals, gold, silver, and why not, steel and other precious and non-precious metals. These are the elements that make an accessory unique, whichever it is. Even a purse. How? It depends on the season. Let’s take spring/summer 2018: trends announce a combination of lightness and glamour leading to an infinite number of possibilities.

Going from color explosion to evergreen classic – and super chic – “total black or white” look, to comics and floral prints: between experimentation and creativity, freedom of expression translates into fashion and style.

From fashion shows to the street

Fashion has already set the trends for the next spring and summer. At the center are the colorful tights and over-the-knee socks. Spacious pouches are appreciated and so are big earrings, all rigorously enriched with crystals and sequins. Shoes embellished with fabric such as velvet, or micro-fringes and pearls.

And here are the purses, in a see-through or ethnic version, decorated with precious elements, sequins and laminated fabric. Real jewels that turn an ordinary accessory into an ambitious “must have”.

BVL Venezia
ph credits: BVL Venezia

The value lies in the quality

“I see beauty in all that has something to tell – be it a story or a tradition”, reveals Giulia Bevelacqua, designer of the purse brand BVL Venezia. “Purses have become an appendage of the human body; they are essential accessories both for women and men. Our purses are manufactured with the most refined and precious fabric, velvet, from the historic weaving craftwork of Bevilacqua, born in 1499. Their origin location is the Brenta Riviera, one of the most renowned sites for the working of leather. So, beauty is also about understanding and appreciating the quality concealed in the work that gives life to finished and personal pieces, unique in terms of fabric, craftsmanship and quality”.

by Camilla Zanetti