Remedies and tips for cleaning gold

1)  Warm water and mild soap, absolutely the best for cleaning gold.

2) Dishwashing liquid, pour a few drops in a bowl of warm water, with the sparkling water works best. Leave the jewelry to soak for an hour. Scrub and rinse and dry.

3) Even in the case of gold, the toothpaste is one of the most widely used remedies to rub should be used a toothbrush, rinse and dry.

4) Ammonia, super powerful indeed may damage should never be used with Platinum and with pearls, a teaspoon of ammonia and six with water, put the jewelry to soak for no more than a minute. The area thoroughly, rinse and dry with a soft cloth.

5) Boiling water, attention to delicate gems, pearls, coral, Opal, Moonstone, or precious stones glued. Bring water to a boil, immerse the jewelry making cool. Dry.

6) Gold won’t be cleaned in vinegar or baking soda to buff use the rubbing alcohol.


by Alessandra Meda