Remedies and tips to clean silver jewelry

1) The first and infallible remedy for cleaning of bracelets, necklaces and rings in silver is toothpaste. But be careful not to rub too much.

2) A good way is to immerse the jewelry in warm water with a few tell teaspoons salt in an aluminum container and will be like new.

50 grams of baking soda 3) try for 1 litre of hot water and the jewels will shine.

4) One of Grandma’s remedies is lemon, pour some juice and rub with a cotton cloth, then rinse and dry.

5) Inevitable, remaining one of the remedies of the grandmother the white vinegar, dip the pieces in a container with hot water and 2 teaspoons of vinegar or pour the vinegar directly on a cloth.

6) With the help of dish soap, always a great ally for household and kitchen coarse and salt

7) Beer,  who’d have thought that beer, as well as coca cola could be very useful for the cleaning of silver.

8) We can think about the vices, including cigarette ash and the wood we can make our silver jewelry more shining.

by Alessandra Meda