Riacetech and wax, discovering Riacewax injectors

The Riacetech world opened its doors to another sector, wax, and to the Riacewax injectors discovery.

This activity has allowed Riacetech to be the only manufacturer in this field to cover the entire process, from the machine to the final product. Using a newly invented formula, specially conceived by experts and tested in their laboratories, extruded waxes are produced through an innovative process based on very high pressures with bi-screw system.

This process allows to obtain unique results every day, guaranteeing the stability of the waxes even at high temperatures and the quality of the pieces produced, with incomparable characteristics of flexibility, resistance and shine, and with very little shrinkage.

At least five types are available: extruded flexible wax, extruded fluid wax, extruded stone wax, extruded superfluous wax and extruded paint wax.

Each of these is meant for specific uses and different types of molds, responding to each kind of need.