Ridefinire il gioiello – Jewel Redefinition at Casalmaggiore’s Bijou Museum

Emilie Le Dez, Memento

Creations of past and contemporary jewelry synergies: tradition rhyming with experimentation. The seventh edition of “Ridefinire il Gioiello”, held at the Bijou Museum of Casalmaggiore, will end on January 13th 2019.

Past is inspiring contemporary jewelry. The 40 unreleased pieces – designed by Italian and international artists – were presented on the opening night.

“Enhance the memory of the treasures housed at the Bijou Museum”: this is the purpose of the 40 creations. From being a place of memories, the Museum has therefore become a creative and dynamic space able to generate new tendencies, which makes it an inextinguishable source of inspiration for contemporary jewelry.

The Bijou Museum has become the promoter of new narrations, ideas, through a circuit of connections of worlds, styles, epochs and different creations.

The designers were inspired by the single objects, jewels, and concealed details exposed at the Museum daily before the eyes of the visitors.

The project has welcomed more than 3500 artists since its debut and has demonstrated how material value resides in the ability of transfiguring ideas into something wearable.

We are waiting to see who the winners of this edition will be. Meanwhile, as for the prizes, we are sure they will be golden ones: thanks to the special partners and media partners of “Ridefinire il Gioiello”, created and curated by Sonia Patrizia Catena, the winners will have the opportunity to exhibit at the Galleria Rossini on the occasion of Fuorisalone 2019, at Circuiti Dinamici, Let’s Feel Good – Milan – and at the myday-byday concept store – Rome.

by Gloria Reali

Genos, Adriana Del Duca, Motus Leporarius