Rosa Genoni: a woman conquering the 900’s for fashion, peace, emancipation and teaching.

An historical exhibition, curated by Elisabetta Invernici with the cooperation of Raffaella Podreider, the niece of Rosa. It was opened today in Milan at the State archives in Via Senato. A narrative and emotional journey that highlights the commitment of the Italian designer Rosa Genoni (1867-1954) in fashion and in teaching women’s empowerment.

Among the pieces on display we can find an exclusive necklace created for the occasion by Maria Vittoria Albani branded Ornella Bijoux. It is entirely handmade with six sections in different sizes, ivory pipes with Venetian seed beads, turquoise and coral. Pure Style “Genoni” this unique piece embellishes the gown fabric inspired by the Egyptian natural nettle unpublished Kalasiris 100%, artfully done starting from paper charts and descriptions contained in the book written by Rosa Genoni in 1909 entitled ” For an Italian fashion: models, essays, sketches of women’s clothing, 1906-1909 “and made for the occasion by a student of the Istituto Secoli in Milan.



The exhibition “Tribute to Rosa Genoni” will be open until 4 February 2018.


by A.M.

Ornella Bijoux



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