Senti Fiori, luxury and eloquence with artisanal talent

Senti Fiori

Senti Fiori celebrates luxury and eloquence and brings together the artisanal talents of craftspeople who have collaborated to create a unique work of art.

The essence of Senti Fiori speaks to those who appreciate the timelessness and elegance of high quality craftsmanship. Inspired by the purity and poise of the majestic lotus flower, this handcrafted, limited edition set is perfect for the woman who demands perfection.

The Lotus flower and its meanings

The first concept of the unique jewellery pieces in the first and current set is inspired by the lotus flower. The lotus has a number of meaningful symbols, and depending on the colour of the lotus the meaning can be very specific. For example, the red lotus can represent ascension birth and enlightenment, or what some would consider to be new beginnings. Other meanings include eloquence, purity and devotion.

Senti Fiori is this

The set is made of 925 sterling silver. Through a trusting collaboration with acclaimed silversmiths and jewellers, the Senti Fiori lotus set was created by hand, hallmarked and engraved in the United Kingdom.

The current set consists of:

• The lotus flower as the feature piece. The adorning flower features a coloured enamel and is embellished with Swarovski crystal, measuring approximately 5cm in diameter.

• A pair of lotus studs, which match the heart of the flower

• A wide collar choker available in XS/M and M/XL

• A finer width choker available in XS/M and M/XL

• A pair of tweezers for handling the perfume pads

• A majestic perfume bottle

• A small round case in the flower that holds the perfume pad

• A delicate round case to store the perfume pads

A versatile jewel

The set is made even more versatile with the addition of a wide leather choker, which is adjustable and discreet. The choker is made with premium leather and is produced in Germany.

The varied materials and styles in this set make it versatile to wear for all occasionsFor safe and careful storage of the delicate pieces, the entire set is housed in a handmade wooden, leather-covered box.

Senti Fiori is an innovative, luxurious jewellery range which combines the delights of art and fragrance.