September is the month of the debut of the new issue of Vicenza Jewellery

The magazine presents an even more contemporary graphic style, with updated graphics to give value to companies, with the tale of the most fascinating stories in the world of gold and silver.
In its new version, Vicenza Jewellery presents to its readers contents dedicated to the fashion jewel trends, to the gold tradition and the innovation in the jewelry world, to lifestyle events.

A section dedicated to current issues for professionals is present, with insights into the technological evolution of the sector, with the in-depth study of Afemo, the association of reference in the sector of machinery for gold production, up to the certification of corals and synthetic diamonds.

Spotlights on young people and the innovative creativity of Italian and international designers.
This issue tells also the story of success, from the 25-year anniversary of the gold company Roberto Greppi, to all-Italian excellence, with the courses for the art masters of the Cologni Foundation in Milan, and the courses for the manufacturing of torch-fired enamel techniques.

There is no lack of news related to the world of fashion and accessories, such as the interview with Giulia Bevilacqua, heir of the Venetian family of weavers and her capsule collection of jewelry bags