Silver and gold from Anatolia for the world

Kybele jewellery

Passion for history and art, a specialization in sacred jewelry, a business that for 9 years has supplied jewels to the most important museums in Turkey: the experience of Neslihan Erer and of her Kybele Jewellery.

“My love for the Italian culture and spirit started when I was 11 years old and attended the Italian school. Since then, it hasn’t extinguished, going on instead all though my working life. Neslihan Erer speaks so of herself. Neslihan is an entrepreneur, designer, the mind and heart of Kybele Jewellery. For 9 years Kybele Jewellery has been supplying silver and gold jewelry to the most important museums in Turkey. For 4 years she has also worked in Duty Free in the most important international landmarks in Turkey.

“I have always worked with Italians – continues Neslihan. In our sector, Italy-Turkey exchanges are very vital. Over time I have chosen to combine my experiences in the goldsmith sector with my interests in history, art and mythology. And this is how my Museum Shop project was born ”.

But why specializing in sacred jewelry? “Success for me began properly with this specialty. In a sector where there is strong competition, I chose indeed to specialize not through capital, but through my experiences and passions. Jewelry has existed since the beginning of human civilization and will exist as long as man exists”.

Neslihan Erer of Kyele Jewellery

Anatolia has a very rich story. And Turkey is a great open-air museum. “I really enjoy – explains the designer – reading and knowing about history through jewels. By studying the designs and also the materials that were used it is possible to understand a whole historic time. This is why my mission is to create jewels for different international museums, where objects coming from this extraordinary land are exposed”.

How important is the Italian market? “Italy – answers Neslihan – is where Renaissance was born, and has been a leader in design forever. For me and for my work, therefore, it will always be a reference market”.