Sogand Nobahar, when supertechnology meets with tradition

Cosmopolitan and future oriented: these are the traits of the style used by Sogand Nobahar for her creations. Her path started in Iran when she began to study industrial design. Her thirst for knowledge was such that she could not be enclosed within national boundaries. Sogand decided, therefore, to move to Italy, where she continued studying design and successfully took a master degree in jewelry engeneering. Afterwards, she decided to move to Valenza and, she felt ready to begin what she defines “my first thing”.

It was 2017 when Sogand took part in the “Jewels against female violence” contest with a breacelet called “Lotus renaissance”, winning the first prize. “The emotion I felt was unique considering that this topic is so dear to me. My cultural background is very different and I realize that the first step out of this must be taken by women themselves”.

All creations by Sogand share a unique story. Her peculiarity is the use of super technological material like nylon laser. “It is important for me to underline that my creations are design pieces rather than jewels. I realize that in this world tradition is very strong and many times I am told “the concept is wonderful, but it would be more successful if you realized it in steel or silver”. Maybe it is true. However, I decided not to negotiate material choice”.

Sogand puts a bit of her personal life in each creation. The “My city” line, for instance, is inspired by people who live away from their homeland. In other creations of hers, she mixes technological material with material coming from her tradition and culture. “Some time ago, I went back to Iran to learn to weave a Persian carpet in 100% silk. This is how I was then able to create necklaces and brooches”.