It is important that goldsmiths and jewelers are aware of the origins of the materials used to make their creations.

It is not a news, on the contrary, that our planet is often still under attack from invasive human activities and from the excessive exploitation of natural resources; problems that will take generations to resolve and to be able to stabilize the ecosystem. Currently there is an increasingly high demand for “green gold”, gold that comes from traceable and recyclable precious metals, as well as a strong demand for ethical gold.
There are only two non-profit organizations currently working to assist in the production of ethical gold: Fairmined and Fairtrade Gold.

Precious metals can therefore be recycled and it is precisely from this concept that the artist Saskia Shutt has made since the beginning of her career since 1999.
In fact, a large part of her activity focuses on the recycling of the jewelry of her customers, to whom the designer gives a new life: worn gold jewelry can be dismantled, the precious stones unset, thus creating a completely new jewel.

Designs Remodelled White Gold Gemstone Ring scaled

Anything that may have gone out of fashion can be transformed and made so wearable.
in this way, the sentimental value of a piece can be preserved or even improved and, at the same time, this circular design reduces the impact on the environment.