Testimonial – Laura Pausini – Eberhard & Co: a cascade of diamonds on the wrist


This year, Laura Pausini celebrates her first 25 years of music and success. Her voice and face are not only popular in Italy. As a matter of fact, thanks to her timbre and unmistakable tones, she captivated the audiences of the whole world.

Nevertheless, her fame is not “only” due to her singing gift: Laura is also, and most of all, a woman who chose to remain coherent with her authenticity over the years, always providing her fans with a very “true” image of herself.

Brilliant and powerful on stage, intense in her videos, spontaneous and elegant in her participations on TV, Laura Pausini likes to take great care of her look, choosing to share her light and brightness with the world of jewelry.

Various, different, yet full of personality, grace, refinement and lightness, are the jewels that the singer has been selecting over the years. Among the preferred brands, Eberhard & Co.

Laura Pausini indossa una versione esclusiva di “Gilda” by Eberhard & Co: cascata di oro e diamanti con quadrante in madreperla, appliques di brillanti e prezioso bracciale realizzato su misura / Gilda édition spéciale by Eberhard & Co
Laura Pausini is wearing an exclusive version of “Gilda” by Eberhard & Co: cascade of gold and diamonds with mother-of-pearl dial, diamond settings and a precious custom-made bracelet
ph credits Eberhard & Co

Eberhard & Co: a cascade of diamonds on the wrist

For the shooting of the “Viveme” video, one of Laura Pausini’s greatest hits, released on the occasion of her 20-year anniversary on the international scene, the artist wore a breathtaking timepiece by Eberhard & Co., watchmaking company specialized in the production of high-tech watches.

For the Emilian songwriter, the brand created the “Gilda édition spéciale” (see picture), the most precious version of “Gilda”, collection dedicated to the female universe. This watch, characterized by a soft curvature of the elliptical-shaped case and by a choice of materials, interprets the elegance and entrepreneurship peculiar of the women of our time. An exclusive version on the singer’s wrist: a cascade of gold and diamonds with a mother-of-pearl dial enriched with diamonds on hours 5 and 11, and a precious custom-made bracelet.

“We were really happy that Laura, in this very special year consecrating her, after 20 years of career, further and deeper in the artists’ Olympus, thought of Eberhard to accompany the most precious moments of her latest video”, claimed Mario Peserico, CEO of Eberhard Italia. “The artist, thanks to her charm and personality, fully expresses the refined and elegant world of our maison”.

Read the full article in the Vicenza Jewellery magazine – January 2018 (pag. 98)

by Camilla Zanetti