The first Co-Vid jewels: sublimate emotions by offering itself to the world as a symbol of rebirth

“During the lockdown I looked for an image that could stop the time, a small object capable of sublimating the emotions of those days and offering itself to the world as a symbol of rebirth.” This is what the artist Barbara Abaterusso tells and she transfers her cultural heritage to the design of works that reveal an ancient soul, an unmistakable and timeless style with an innovative design.

The artist, who has always brought female craftsmanship into avant-garde design and sculpture, deepens the theme by extending it to the world of jewelery: from here the particular collections came to life, which will soon be on display: “Chains”, “Buttons”, “Lace”, “Embroideries” in which the thread becomes the protagonist and interpreter of emotions and traditions to wear and in line with this personal research, during the period of the lockdown, the artist has thought of a jewel that reproduces the Covid structure, involving the skilled hands of the gold craftmanship of Paolo Mangano.

Its shape, an image that in the collective memory is now very clear and authentic, is realized precisely through the thread that determines the main body of this creation: a black silver pendant studded with rubies and yellow sapphires, it will be followed by other versions, in bronze and brilliants but on request also in gold and platinum

Complicated manufacturing techniques, refined after years of research and experimentation, a meticulous attention to detail and the use of precious materials, allow today the limited production of exclusive works signed by this undisputed excellence of Made in Italy.

Barbara Abaterusso