Top 5 Jewellery Blog

  1. Liza @ Gemologue by Liza Urla

Exceptional blog presented in English, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian. Liza is a multicultural jewelry blogger and professional gemologist. She travels the world to document her jewelry findings and interviews A-list celebrities, designers, and fashion models. This year she earned the Best Fashion Blog in the UK Blog Awards.

  1. Becky @ Diamonds in the Library

Becky, the creator of Diamonds in the Library, has a passion for both jewelry and literature.  The content of her blog posts are very practical and informative.  She includes topics such as jewelry sizing and Etsy buying guides for jewelry.  She also includes reviews and personal experience about jewelry, online jewelry retailers, and even brick & mortar jewelry stores.  With a professional background in writing and literature, Becky is a superb writer.  Her posts are clever and fun to read.  In addition to blogging about jewelry, she often posts book reviews – giving meaning to the name “Diamonds in the Library.

  1. Daniele Miele @ Gem Gossip

Blog creator, Danielle Miele, documents jewelry she finds during her travels.  Her jewelry photos are clean and refreshing. Her blog covers a variety of topics such as jewelry trends, in-depth designer interviews, antique jewelry, and celebrity jewelry.  From the looks of her selection, it is apparent that she has a passion for rings.  There is a section dedicated to rings titled “Show Me Your Rings.

  1. Alice Matsumoto @ The Carrotbox

This blog is solely dedicated to rings – all types of rings! Alice Matsumoto showcases styles that range from bold and sophisticated to cute and charming.  You will find the most unique collections of rings on this blog.

  1. Cathleen McCarthy @ The Jewelry Loupe

Former contributing editor for several high-profile magazines, Jewelry Blogger Cathleen McCarthy is highly knowledgeable in the field of jewelry and art. In her blog, she writes about jewelry auctions, jewelry advice for men, expert tips, contemporary and traditional jewelry pieces, and much more. Her blog is geared towards all jewelry lovers, designers, and experts.


by Alessandra Meda