Top Things To Keep In Mind Before Exchanging Gold

Gold, in all its forms, is the most precious of all metals, it adds a muted sparkle to every occasion with its untouched purity and spectacular designs. In a few traditions, an impeccable ornament of pure gold is considered as a family heritage which is proudly passed down to many generations. However, it is always advisable to exchange gold to upgrade its design and improve its longevity and robustness.
An exemplary gold ornament is tested based on three main factors – its caratage, its weight and its design. The caratage of a piece of gold denotes its degree of purity. Virgin gold is often mixed with traces of other metals to increase its shelf life and strength. This categorises all gold ornaments into 18K, 22K or 24K gold, of which, 24k is the purest form of gold. Weight and design, on the other hand, play a pivotal role in deciding if the gold jewellery is worthy of exchanging or not. Read on to get a closer insight into the key factors to keep in mind while you step out to exchange gold.

Check for the Hallmark
Whether you are buying gold jewellery or heading out to exchange gold, make sure you check for hallmark which denotes that the purity of gold. Indian law now demands that each and every exquisite gold ornament has a clear-cut stamp of its cartage to make the buying and selling of this effervescent metal a lot easier and hassle-free.

Check the gold rates
It is a good idea to keep a tab on the gold rates a week prior to the day you step out to exchange gold. Monitor the rate closely and exchange it on the day the gold rates are high so that you will get the best value for your money. Most reputed jewellery brands display the gold rates on their website. You can keep a tab on it and visit the store when the gold rates are at its peak.

Exchange unadorned gold
While scrutinising your jewellery box to decide which piece of gold to exchange, make sure you opt for pieces without stones and other embellishments. It is advisable to exchange gold or remove the precious stones before exchanging them. This method will give you more value for your money while exchanging gold.

Maintain proper invoices
Maintaining a copy of all your bills will not only add weight to the authenticity of the gold, but it will also come in handy to keep a check on its weight. You can refer to the invoice to know its original weight and deal with your exchange with added clarity.
Approach a reputed jeweller
Opt for a brand of jewellery, which is well-known and recognized as a trustworthy name to invest in. Check for hallmarked jewellery, which also assures you a good resale value while adding glamour and mystic charm to every occasion.
With such extensive measures, you are sure to get nothing but an exquisite piece of jewellery in your endeavour to exchange gold. You can also check out our elaborate blog on everything you need to know about gold textures, for a hassle-free . After all, all that glitters is gold!

by Alessandra Meda