The jewel-purses by BVL Venezia 

It was love at first sight with fashion, with “Made in Venice” fabrics, with embroideries and precious stones. This is Giulia Bevilacqua’s story. Giulia belongs to the last generation of a famous and prestigious family of Venetian textile manufacturers.

Giulia, who is now 30 years old, was raised among looms and precious cloths. She is the designer of contemporary jewel purses made with velvets. Her velvets are worked using eighteenth-century looms that belong to the Venice Republic’s Scuola della Seta; these precious velvets are all handcrafted. The key to these accessories is enclosed in a mixture of non-trivial ingredients: the love for her city, Venice, and the suggestions of daily life.

As she highlights: «I was raised among antique looms and precious cloths; I have always loved this unbelievable weaving art; it was love at first sight since I was a child. After a little experience in different fashion companies, I created for the first time, in 2016, my BVL Venezia branded line for purses, using the velvets of my family’s business, Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua. I still use my first purse. It’s a unique model I’m extremely fond of that I created with light blue and black jacquard velvets, enriched with a crystal stone brooch».

«I don’t follow the seasons» – she says. «My project is the reinterpretation, according to fashion and glamour, of the velvets used for the decoration of important residences, such as museums and churches, and their combination with leathers of quality and hand embroidered stones. The working of these unique accessories lies exclusively in the wise hands of the master craftsmen of the laboratories of the Brenta Riviera». Hence the creation of unique pieces, such as the elegant yet casual “Basset” pouch, the refined “Deer” day shopper, not forgetting the transversal “Gazelle”.

Giulia plays with a wide carousel of hues and works incessantly to achieve her only goal of creating custom made models, classic yet rock, to use on every occasion! Another important detail for her purses is the combination of leather and velvet, which require very special working techniques. Her creativity is borderless. One of her designs was an original keyholder in shape of a bragozzo’s rudder, the typical Venetian vessel.