Young designers – Deborah Curto. Dream is poetry becoming reality

ph credits: Debra Gioielli

The Debra Gioielli brand was officially born a year ago, in January 2018. Behind it lie the creativity and determination of a young and promising artist who is coming back to Palakiss on the occasion of Spring 2019

“I am not used to speaking of myself, of my job, maybe to shield my dream of carrying on my artisanal silver jewelry brand. My name is Deborah Curto; I was born in 1987 in Polla, in the province of Salerno. It all began three year ago approximately”.

The tough work of the beginnings and the first achievements

“Do not ever give up on your belief”, repeated her grandfather to her several times. This marked her debut. In her apprenticeship she started off by interweaving and creating paper jewels, participating in local manifestations and markets, two tables and a gazebo. The proceeds were destined to buying the first equipment. She undertook studies in Jewelry Design, participated in exhibits, events, jewelry fashion shows in the Marche region and contests; high-fashion stylist Anton Giulio Grande was part of the jury of one of them.

Deborah received a special mention in the design section at the “Concorso Nazionale del Gioiello di Valenza”; she participated and was selected among 30 finalists of JVF – Jewelry Design Contest, and had the opportunity to see one of her creations exhibited, “La Metamorosi”, at the “Fuchsia Inspiration Show”, the exhibition installed at Vicenza Palakiss Business Center.

ph credits: Debra Gioielli
ph credits: Debra Gioielli

Password: Perseverance

“I continue my training – highlights our young designer – studying at the Accademia Oreficeria e Gioielleria and trying to carry out, which is not easy at all, my apprenticeship in gold laboratories. I am not giving up, I am going on, and am aware of the fact that each day must be used to learn something new”.

Deborah is stubborn, obstinate, she is very demanding with herself: “there have been many noes, but also some good yes”, she says. Thanks to these “yes”, in January 2018 she launched, together with Palakiss (as a gold designer), her “Debra Gioielli” brand and, on the occasion of Winter, she exposed her very first collection “Ventaglio” (Fan), inspired to the language of Victorian age Fans.

The inauguration of her laboratory

Finally, in September 2018, she inaugurated her first gold laboratory in Atena Lucana (in the province of Salerno). “This is where all the jewels of my brand take life by means of passion and precision”. On the occasion of the Summer Jewellery Show (September exhibit at Palakiss), Deborah officially presented her new collection of silver jewels: “Un soffio” (A Breath).

A breath of desire

“A Breath” evokes all the cottony seeds of a dandelion, that we all blew when children at least once to express wishes. “Each puff – explains Deborah – is a second chance, an opportunity that we give ourselves. For a young gold designer every day is a new challenge, even bureaucratically and financially; every day I have to compete with consolidated firms, work hard, combine innovation and craftsmanship. But as soon as I sit at my working table and put my heart and soul into the molding process, I remember all the fascination and stimulation that come from this world”.

ph credits: Debra Gioielli
ph credits: Debra Gioielli

Jewelry in the style of Deborah

“A jewel is not a sumptuous object to wear with ostentation, as a vanity tool; it is an integrating part of our daily outfit, an expression of who we are: it speaks for us, it speaks of our emotions, it tells our story and the story of who designed and created it. The strength of Debra Gioielli? Simplicity, sobriety and sophistication, which allow the outfit to appear light. The mood is poetic, versatile and elegant; the look is easy and at the same time chic”.

“A goal I have set forth? I have just created my webpage and for the next year my wish is to make it possible for people to understand who I am through my creations; I want to keep on learning, experimenting, and why not, see Debra jewels being sold in some boutique or jewelry store… Meanwhile, new creations are taking life for the next events to come, one being Spring at Palakiss from 10 to 12 May 2019.